Large Vase : Black & Grey

Large Vase : Black & Grey


Should a vase make a stylish statement on its own? Or blend into the background, the better to show off the floral arrangement it's displaying? If you answered "yes" then, this modern vase is perfect for you. Clean lines, simple, elegant design, and just a pop of color.


About 10" tall. Slightly bottom heavy for greater stability. Easily and beautifully holds a dozen roses or any larger display.


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  • Shipping & Returns

    Because everything is made to order, your pottery will be shipped 6-8 weeks after you place your order.

    I ship USPS. Your shipping charge reflects the actual cost of postage, plus the cost of packing materials and time for packaging. Shipping pottery safely requires a lot of padding, but I try to use the most Earth-friendly materials I can find. This costs a bit more than styrofoam and bubble wrap, but I think it's worth it to do every bit we can to live lightly on the Earth.

    When your order arrives, before you open the box, please note the condition of the package. If the box is squashed or has a large hole in it, please snap a picture and email me. If pottery is damaged in shipment, I will need a picture of the unopened packaging for an insurance claim. I will send you new pieces to replace those that did not survive shipping as soon as I can. If you open an un-damaged box to find broken pottery, please email within 1 week of receipt with a picture and I will replace your broken pieces as soon as possible with no additional charge. Replacing your work will take time; assume 6-8 weeks. If you'd rather not wait for a replacement piece, I'm happy to refund you the cost of the broken piece, but cannot refund the cost of shipping if that was not the only piece in the order.


    If you don't like your piece, you may return the piece(s) and I will refund the cost of the pottery but not shipping. This excludes custom or personalized orders. Work must arrive undamaged within 30 days of your initial shipment, and I will issue a refund through your original payment method at that time. I do not offer any warranty. If your piece is damaged through use, I cannot offer any kind of refund.

  • The Making Process

    Because I make each piece by hand, no two will be identical. Sisters rather than twins. You'll notice the difference in these images: a wobble in the black line, different swirling brush patterns in the color, slight variations in height and proportion.


I start by throwing each piece on the potter's wheel. Once it's dry enough, I trim the bottoms to make the foot ring and add the decoration. Black lines are incised with a sharp tool, then filled with black clay and carefully cleaned up. Color is brushed on, and each piece is signed by hand.

Pieces must be completely dry before going into the kiln for their bisque firing, and it usually takes me a few weeks to make enough work to fill my kiln.

    The bisque firing takes about 16 hours to reach its final temperature (about 1800º F) and another 12 hours to cool down. Then, each pot is sanded smooth and cleaned to make sure there's no dust to get in the way of the glaze. I dip each piece into the glaze by hand, and if you look closely you can see faint finger marks or drips where the glaze is slightly thicker or thinner. Just one more mark of its handmade nature.

    The final glaze firing brings these pieces up to about 2200º F, hardening and fusing the porcelain and glaze into a beautiful and durable pot that will last for generations. After a final polishing of their bottoms, these pieces are ready to head out into the world.


Whidbey Island, WA

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