Small Mugs

I made some custom demitasse cups for a customer this past month. It was a really fun project, and something I'd been meaning to do anyway. I usually make huge mugs, because I love a huge mug to curl my hands around and facilitate my art-school-level coffee habit. But, this customer is much classier than me, and he starts his day with a fancy macchiato.

It took me a couple tries to get the demitasse cup the right size, and on my way there I ended up making an 8oz mug. I loved how they were turning out, so I made a small batch of them in different colors. Even though they were a little big for my customer, I took these mugs to an art show, and they were a big hit! Popular enough that I'm putting them in my regular line of pottery.

You can buy your own 8oz mug in my online store. I've got them available in all my current Color Block & Line colors: Aqua, Grey, Peach, and Denim. I'm making some in my newest style: Black & White & Copper, and those should be ready in the new year.



Whidbey Island, WA

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