Show Time: 6 weeks Out

I just got a calendar notification telling me I'm 6 weeks out from my first show of the year: The Seattle Flower & Garden Show. Time to book a hotel room, update the Event page on my website, and thank Past Me for keeping Present Me organized and (relatively) stress free.

The bulk of my business over the years has come from selling my work at shows, and I absolutely love doing them. However. There's a lot of preparation and organization that goes into doing a show well. How do I stay organized? I have a checklist and a schedule that I use for EVERY SHOW that keeps me on track. "But Briggs, I'm an artist!" you cry "I want to be in my studio making beautiful things! Not following a checklist!" Yeah, so do I. But you know what sounds even worse than checking a couple rote tasks off a list? Forgetting to book a hotel room. Or order more business cards. Or pack my bags and tissue paper. (These are all things I've actually forgotten. Live and learn.)

The truth is getting organized means less time worrying, less interruptions to my studio day when I suddenly remember something I'll need for that show, and a greater sense of peace and having-my-shit-togetherness when I arrive at the show. Being organized is one of the things that turns show weekends into a working vacation rather that a stress-filled slog.

Hey, are you interested in selling your work at art shows? Or getting more organized to make those shows less stressful? You should check out my upcoming class Show Time: Learn to sell your handmade work at farmers markets, art shows, and craft fairs. You'll get your own copy of my pre-show checklist, and all the other tricks I use to make the most of shows. Early Bird registration starts February 16th!



Whidbey Island, WA

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