In Praise of Photographers.

I've spent the last decade getting muddy in the studio, trying to make better pots, and learning more and more about this wonderful material. I've spent hours researching techniques, trying things out, scrapping them, starting over. I've made the same shape hundreds of times, reaching for the perfect curve and proportion.

This photo by Joyce Adams really captures my joy of working with clay.

I have not spent that time learning how to photograph my pots. I know a lot of potters do their own product photography, set up tripods to get working studio shots, and know all their good angles. I don't know those things, and I'm frankly just a little annoyed that I'm expected to have mastered this whole other skill set while I was, you know, mastering pottery.

So, when it became clear I needed to step up my photography game, I hired a professional.

This photo by Amahra Leaman from last year made my work look so good.

Hiring a photographer felt like a huge step in my business. I mean, I'm sub-contracting. Like a professional. But it was such a good decision. It gave me the photos I needed to make my first wholesale catalog, to open my online store, and to start posting more regularly on social media.

That depth of field tho.

As an artist, it's often assumed that I'm good at anything "creative". As a millennial, it's also assumed I'm good at technology and social media. Neither of those things are true. I've spent a decade playing in the mud, and I'm getting pretty good at that. I haven't spent the time and attention it would take to become an equally good photographer or influencer, and I don't want to. I want to stay here playing in the mud.

This is not my happy place.

Today, I'm appreciating the photographers who are making me and my work look so good. And, as this blog develops more into a behind-the-scenes look at running a pottery business, I'm reminding you all that it takes a dozen little things to make this pottery thing into a business that sustains me. And I'm so, so happy that I can hire experts for some of them. If you're looking for excellent photography on Whidbey Island, check out my girls Amahra Leaman who makes my pots look amazing and Joyce Adams who took photos of me I actually like!



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