Changes on the Horizon

I've had some big changes on the horizon for a while now. 2019 is fading fast, and it’s been a complicated year (for a lot of us it seems) but I’m happy to leave it behind. It looks like 2020 will have more challenges, but also more opportunities. I’ve spent the last 5ish years working out of other people’s studios, and it’s been great and difficult and complicated. I’ve navigated difficult interpersonal situations, and made some of the best art friends I could ask for. I’ve worked in cramped quarters, and in beautiful places with breathtaking views. I’ve had to split my time carefully between working for others and for myself. I’ve spent more time in my studio than ever before, and done it consistently. I’ve pieced together what I’ll need from a dozen small pieces of advice, and mistakes, and difficult conversations, and beautiful relationships, and nurturing environments. I’ve found a community here on Whidbey Island over the last 3 years. And next year I’ll get to contribute to that community in an entirely new way.

I’m getting the keys to my new studio in Coupeville on January 1st. I plan to drink champagne on the bare floor and cry and drunkenly make plans for the future. It’s gonna be a weird Wednesday, and I’m very much looking forward to it. It is my greatest hope that my new studio will become an important hub within the web of the amazing artist community here on the island. The space is tiny, but along with my own workspace and showroom, I want this to become a place for friends to stop by and chat while I work. I want my back patio to become a place to wind down in the evenings. I want more of Coupeville to feel connected to the making process, because more art-making will be happening right down on Front Street. I want to put down roots here.



Whidbey Island, WA

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