2019 - Making Plans

2018 was a year of tremendous growth for me, and also kicked my butt and reminded me I have limits. I made more work than any past two years combined, and was so burnt out at the end I took a 3-week vacation.

Attaching each handle to each hand thrown and decorated mug. I love the proces, but efficiency is key when you make things for a living.

In 2019, I'm focusing on balance. I want this love of clay to grow into a thriving business that supports me, and I need to figure out a way to do that without saying yes to everything and scrambling to keep up. Pottery is a strange thing to make a living at. Like most art, each piece takes a great deal of time and care to create, but unlike other kinds of art this is a volume business. I'm not selling $12k paintings, I'm selling $44 mugs, and I need to make a lot of them to make a living. The question is: how much pottery can I make, without burning myself out, and is it enough to support me? January and February are quiet times in my studio. The bustle of the holidays has quieted down, and I have time to make work at my own pace. Time to explore some new ideas and decide which ones to keep. I'm planning to eliminate shapes that I don't like making from my wholesale offerings, and offer more of the things I enjoy. I'm changing my color palette, and trying out a different making process that should allow me to fill orders more quickly. I'm really enjoying this quiet, contemplative time, but I'm very aware that I need to get back into business mode soon. Just got the first wholesale order of the new year, and applications for spring and summer shows are closing. Time to start making to-do lists and checking my calendar and planning ahead for a successful year.



Whidbey Island, WA

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